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Sprinters in track events, where the game is won in the 200m, and hill climbers in road races, where a lighter weight is more advantageous, have completely different body types. It is hard to believe that they are the same cyclist. In track and field, it is similar to the difference between a 100m athlete and a marathoner. However, their muscle development is completely different from that of track and field athletes. The bicycles they use are also completely different. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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High-definition inkjet printing
High quality rough & matte textured paper
Material: Wood (brown color), acrylic
Size : w355mm * h267mm * d15mm
Illustration size : w277mm * h190mm
Weight : 500g
With string for wall hanging
Comes with a stand to stand it up (can stand it up either horizontally or vertically)