How to Order

[Shipping cost]

Economy airmail shipping (8-10 days after shipping) 4.9USD-5.9USD / 1 set
EMS (for USA, UK and France) (3-4 days after shipping) 28.08USD or more
Framed art has free shipping.(+18USD for USA, UK and France)


We use the PayPal system for payment.
Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can purchase with a debit or credit card.

Please pay in [Japanese Yen].

[duties and taxes]

Please note we are based in Japan so if you have a shipping address that is outside of Japan import duties and taxes may be applied by your local authority. we have no control over the levied import duties/taxes applied.

The customer is responsible for customs clearance when importing goods into the destination country. The total amount of taxes and duties that must be paid varies from country to country and according to the type and value of the goods. Customs regulations also vary from country to country. Goods are shipped directly from Japan to the customer. Therefore, the customer is importing the goods personally and may have to pay directly to the delivery person upon receipt. We are unable to provide information on the amount of taxation, as this is determined by customs at the time of individual import clearance. Please refer to the Customs website for more information.


The current shipping status is as follows.
Due to the influence of covid-19, the shipping status is constantly changing.

For more information, please contact us in the message

[shipping status]

  • Australia ok
  • Argentina ok
  • Belgium ok
  • Brazil ok
  • Canada ok (*Economy shipping is not available)
  • China ok
  • Chile ok
  • France ok (*Economy shipping is not available)
  • Germany ok (*Economy shipping is not available)
  • Italy ok
  • Korea ok
  • Netherlands ok
  • New Zealand ok
  • Spain ok
  • Taiwan ok
  • Thailand ok
  • Russia x
  • United Kingdom ok (*Economy shipping is not available)
  • USA ok (*Economy shipping is not available)