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Written on the back is the word “rinne” in kanji characters.
Rinne” is the idea of reincarnation, derived from various Indian religions.
Buddhism was introduced to Japan and spread in Japan.
However, it is also said that it is not simply about repeating.
I believe it is about continuing to turn and change. It is exactly the same as a bicycle.
The wheel turns. The crank also turns. But the bicycle does not stop there.
By turning, the bicycle moves forward.
This man’s name is “rinne”.
Rinne is doing zazen. This posture, which resembles a yoga pose, is called “zazen”.

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size : A3(W297×H420mm) *D20mm
Material : Plywood
Painting material: acrylic pigment(gold painting)
With wall hanging string
Each hand painting is done by hand, so no two are alike. All paintings are produced in small quantities, so if we do not have the item in stock, we will refund your money.